Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

La Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is a national park located in the departments of Boyacá and Arauca; it has an area of 3062 km2, however tourists only have access to a mere 4 percent of the park. This park has more than 20 snowy peaks and the whole mountain chain forms the largest glacier concentration of the country; the most popular mountains to climb are the Ritak’Uwa Blanco (5330 m.a.s.l.) and Pan de Azúcar (5100 m.a.s.l.). The latter shelters the imposing Pulpito del Diablo, a 70 m high rock mound of tetrahedral shape, which resembles a giant altar.

The park is home to hundreds of animal species that were once in danger of extinction, like the spectacled bear and the andean condor. In the western side of the park (where visitors are permitted) is common to see the condor but not bears or white-tailed deers, which prefer the eastern side due to the higher concentration of native forest in that area. On sunny days is common to observe the Lagarto Collarejo, an endemic species of El Cocuy, and many type of birds.


This mountain range gives birth to many rivers on both sides; the water has glacial origin but also comes from the paramo, known as the “water factory” of the country. In the paramo, the most representative species is the frailejon, an endemic shrub that can grow to more than 3 metres, and that, combined with the glaciers and the polished rock slabs, gives the landscape a unique appearance.

Pan de Azúcar

Pan de Azúcar is situated in the south of the national park, and in general terms it is not a technical mountain.

Ritak ‘Uwa blanco

In the north of the park we find Ritak’Uwa Blanco, the highest mountain of the park.

Toti - Cóncavo - Concavito

Toti, Concavo and Concavito are three peaks that make part of the horseshoe range surrounding the Laguna Grande De La Sierra, and all of them can be climbed from the same base camp.

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Rock Climbing 

En desarrollo de lo dispuesto en el artículo 17 de la Ley 679 de 2001, la agencia advierte al turista que la explotación y el abuso sexual de menores de edad en el país son sancionados penal y administrativamente, conforme a las leyes vigentes.

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