Do you want to take part in an authentic experience with ancestral communities, to share and learn with locals about mysteries and life in the jungle? If you want to travel deep into the jungle and live an adventure like the first explorers of the Amazon, in harmony with nature and the local customs, our indigenous local guides, who have spent their whole lives in this environment, will help you to do it. The Tyba team has a wealth of experience in planning and leading pioneer explorations in the jungle; they combine ancestral knowledge with that of the modern world whilst working with both NGOs and scientific expeditions.


Contact us if you would like to know more about our tours or if you need advice and accompaniment for your own expedition. If you wish to learn or improve your knowledge regarding jungle environments, do not hesitate to ask about our survival courses.

They say you are negligent because they are accustomed to gardens, not to jungles.

Jaime Sabines, like lost birds.


Starting from the city of Leticia, we will undertake an expedition through Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian territory. Our expeditions change according to the level of water in the Amazon river and nearby rivers such as the Yavari or the Itaguai.

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Rock Climbing 

En desarrollo de lo dispuesto en el artículo 17 de la Ley 679 de 2001, la agencia advierte al turista que la explotación y el abuso sexual de menores de edad en el país son sancionados penal y administrativamente, conforme a las leyes vigentes.

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